About this Blog

Around two months ago, the students of the Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies class at FLAME University were instructed to create a Digital Humanities project. Six of these students came together and discussed a huge variety of topics to curate, from tea to versions of the Ramayana, from regional Indian cinema to Indian theatre. But nothing seemed to quite fit. Then suddenly, they realised that children’s literature in India could be an interesting topic, worthy of curating.

We are those six students (we know there are only five photos, we promise there are six of us!) and this is our little space on the Internet dedicated to curating Indian children’s literature. We’ve lived and breathed children’s literature for the past two months; all of this enthusiasm has been exhibited on this blog. Whether it’s a database of close to a thousand children’s books from India (yes, really), articles discussing trends in Indian children’s literature or academic papers questioning the discipline itself, we have something for everyone! We do hope that this site will be helpful to anyone and everyone interested in children’s literature in India, thank you so much for stopping by!

If you would like to give us a suggestion or two, or would just like to say hi (hi!), feel free to drop us a message by contacting us here.

Welcome to the world of Indian Children’s Literature!

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